#1 – The Lead Up So Far

With still over a month to go until the start of the module, I am getting more and more inpatient! I am so excited to get started and I am more motivated than I have ever been when it comes to education. I’m trying to keep busy through Open Learn; I’ve completed the ‘Being an OU Student Course’, and now I am starting on the Level 1 Forensic Psychology course.

I’m finding the courses on Open Learn really helpful and also fun – the Being an OU Student course was super helpful in introducing me to the OU. I now feel confident in finding my way around the OU website and Student Home; it also helped to know who to contact in certain situations, and who would be the right person to get in touch with. It was great to hear about other OU students’ experiences, and it was helpful to hear study tips from them first hand. Overall I am feeling much more confident about starting the module than I was before this course.

The Forensic Psychology Open Learn course is really interesting so far – I’m only on Week 1, however I’ve learnt so much already! It’s reassuring me that Psychology was the right choice of module for me. I’m finding it really helpful to practice my study skills prior to the module starting as well; I’m able to practice my note taking and ways I will learn best. 

I’ve spoke to a few members of my module already, and they seem just as excited as me. It will be good to share our experiences together and give each other moral support and study tips. I’m looking forward to the module forum to open so that I can meet even more people! I’m looking forward to getting assigned a tutor; I feel a little lost at the minute as everything is still a waiting game, but I think once my tutor is assigned I will feel more relaxed. 

Meanwhile I’m still keeping myself busy with Open Learn courses, once I have completed the Forensic Psychology one, I have a few more saved, all around the topic of mental health and psychology.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I cope with my studies, I’m obviously a bit nervous and worried about whether I will be good enough, but I’m trying to put them feelings aside and concentrate on the positive feelings going on! I’ll be sure to keep updating as I go on.

Bye for now, Chloe.